Allan Jaggard – Director of Marketing & Communications

Press Release

The OASA is pleased to welcome Allan Jaggard to the board of directors, Allan will also be assuming the official position of…

“Director of Marketing & Communications”

Allan is a veteran of the bicycle, powersports & media industry with over 45 years experience, bringing a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the OASA.

Allan is not only an MTB and e-bike enthusiast, but brings a long history in racing as a multi-time provincial motocross champion. Allan has a particular strong focus in the area of sales, promotions and marketing initiatives.

we are very excited to have Allan on the OASA team. He is sure to bring much needed media and diverse related industry attention. This will help the OASA obtain it’s goals of providing to the MTB & E-MTB community the most innovative and unique race events throughout Ontario.

To contact Allan for any details relating to marketing initiatives with the OASA please call 416-201-1187 or e-mail at

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The Ontario Action Sports Association is a not for profit association that will provide contests, race events and skills and safety training jamborees. Disciplines include E and regular mountain bikes and BMX bicycles as well as e and regular scooters and skateboards.

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