1. An OASA membership is required to compete. A full season membership is $40. A one time day ride membership is available at each event for non-members for a $10 fee. 
  2.  Rider Age—The age of the rider is determined by your age at the first event you enter. You are not required to move up if your birthday occurs during the year after your first event. 
  3. The race length is 1 hour 15 min. The senior official will wave the checkered flag if, in his opinion, the lead rider cannot return to the start line within 1 hour & 15 min. Course length will be 5 to 8 kms.
  4. Inclement weather. It is the decision of the Race Director to determine if a race should be shortened, delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. 
  5. Medical Insurance. Medical insurance is the sole responsibility of the competitor. OASA does not provide medical insurance and urges riders not to compete without it. 
  6. Riders are responsible for the action of their pit crews.
  7. Registration—Online registration is available for all events. At each event the rider must sign in at the registration desk and receive their plate and scoring tag. They need to sign a waiver. Riders under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian available at registration to sign on their behalf
  8. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding your bicycle before, during and after the race.
  9. Both properly operating front and rear wheel brakes are required. Cracked or broken handlebars or broken levers are prohibited. No studded tires allowed. 
  10. A front number plate and properly installed RFID tag are required. These are available at registration.
  11. A helmet, pants, shorts, shirts and shoes are required. Shoe clips are permitted. 
  12. Body armour, knee pads, elbow pads etc. are recommended but not required. 
  13. Goggles, glasses or other shatterproof eyewear are recommended, but not compulsory.  
  14. A spot technical inspection of bicycles entered in the race will be conducted prior to the start of each event. Riders are not permitted to obstruct any inspection of their bicycle.


  1. Riders must remain on the marked course. That is within 3 meters of race arrows. They also have to stay within both sides of course markers such as ribbon, stakes, barrels, or hay bales when used to delineate the course. 
  2. Riders encountering a traffic jam or bottleneck are allowed to go outside the usual markers to get by. They must re-enter the course immediately after passing the problem area. 
  3. If a rider leaves the course for any reason he must re-enter at or behind where he left the course. 
  4. Riders may make repairs or receive mechanical assistance. All such assistance and repairs must be made off the course and not cause interference with other riders.
  5. Radio communication and other electronic transmittal with riders is prohibited. 
  6. Unsportsmanlike conduct is prohibited and is at the discretion of the Race Director who may penalize or disqualify a rider.


Riders will line up in their assigned sorting row on a first come basis when directed by the race official. No one is permitted on the start line until authorized.

A riders meeting will be conducted on the start line before the start of each race. 

Start Procedure. a) The blue flag will signal all riders that the race is about to commence. b) 30 seconds later the official will extend his arm to signal 10 seconds. At that time all crew members must step away from the riders. Within 5 seconds later the green flag will be thrown signalling the start of the race. c) Riders who jump the flag will be penalized. d) Riders may not switch bicycles during the race.


  1.  An OASA course may include trails, footpaths, roads, hills, motocross tracks or any type of terrain which can be negotiated by bicycle .
  2. The course will mainly be marked by white arrows on a red background. Three arrows pointing down indicate a tricky or difficult section ahead.
  3. The course will be open for inspection on Friday after 4 p.m. Riders may walk or bicycle the course only. 
  4. Course modifications may only be made by an official.  


RFID tags are provided at registration. The OASA uses a state of the art scoring and timing system.


The race officially ends for all contestants at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the overall winner.   


  • Tykes 4 to 7 Striders and bicycles.
  • Boys 8 to 12 and 13-17
  • Girls 8 to 12 and  13-17
  •  Sport Men 18 & UP Sport Women 18 & UP
  • Expert Men 18 & UP Expert Women 18&UP
  • Masters Men 35-45  Masters Women 35-45
  • Masters Men 46-UP Masters Women 46-UP
  • Pro Men 18 & UP Pro Women 18 & UP


  • XC1 Pro
  • Amateur
  • Women
  • Masters 40+
  • Youth 12-17



  1. Pedal Assist bicycles with an electric motor Peak Power of 500 Watts that provides motor assistance only when the rider is medaling and only up to a speed of 32 kph. bicycles must remain locked, i.e. no modification of wheel sensor from factory circumference or any other modification to manipulate the factory set speed of the bike. 
  2. Production Rule. OEM drive unit and matching frame combination model required. Electric conversions kits and after market frames are prohibited. No changes can be made to the frame or motor after registration.
  3. Pedals must be fully operable. Throttle mechanisms are prohibited. 
  4. Non-production electronic devices designed specifically for traction control are prohibited. This includes sensors that can determine front wheel speed and any electronic control to the brake systems.
  5. Batteries may not be changed or charged during the race.
  6. Data logging is permitted, however, the information may not be downloaded in real time from a moving bicycle. Information downloaded from the bicycle or rider may be reviewed by a Race Official at any time. App tracking programs are permitted.


  1. The race officially ends for all riders at the completion of the lap in which the checkered flag is displayed to the overall winner.
  2. To be considered as having finished a lap the rider must remain with his bicycle and with his helmet on at all times. Both rider and bicycle must cross the plane of the checkered flag under the riders’ own unaided power. 
  3. Towing is not allowed. Riders will be scored in order of their finish and number of laps completed. It is not necessary to complete all the laps in order to be scored.
  4. Results. riders have 20 minutes to finish the race after the overall winner takes the checkered flag. Protests may be made within 30 minutes of the final results are posted. 
  5. Protests must be made in writing accompanied by a $50 protest fee. Should the protest be upheld the $50 will be returned. 
  6. Penalties assessed to individual riders or teams are at the discretion of the Race Director of OASA.
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